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User Administration and /etc/gshadow

In Redhat Enterprise Linux /etc/gshadow is one of the file is rarely heard by users even system administrators. To learn Linux we have to know all command line tools and important files. In this post we will discuss about /etc/gshadow file.

/etc/gshadow is the goup shadow file and contains the following four fields-:

1. Group Name

2. Contains the encrypted group password of the text password which was specified using gpasswd command

    If the file /etc/gshadow is deleted , then this encryped password is moved to second field of /etc/group.

    If no password is given to group, then a '!' is displayed in the file.

3. Contains list of the group administrators names.By default it is blank i.e. only user having same name as,group name is first group administrator.

4. Contains list of group members names.Blank by default.

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