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Update: RHCSA and RHCE Fees in INDIA

     There is a lot of confusion regarding the fees of RHCSA and RHCE in INDIA. People creating rumors that fees of RHCSA and RHCE on RedHat Enterprise Linux are very higher as compared to RHCT and RHCE on RHEL 5.
     With the release of RHEL 6 RedHat introduces a new pattern of certification exam. On previous version (RHEL 5) you have to complete both RHCT and RHCE to get RHCE certificate but you don't get the RHCT certificate if you clear both the exam. But now you have to pass the RHCSA exam to gain RHCE and you will get two different certificates one for RHCSA and other for RHCE.

     The fee structure of RedHat Certification is given below:
  • Fees of RHCSA is INR 8000
  • Fees of RHCE is INR 8000
     So, if you want RHCE certification you have to pay a total of Rs. 1600 and Rs. 3000 for the official RedHat exam books.

     But there are lots of schemes which RedHat offering in INDIA so please check latest updates of RHCSA and RHCE fees.
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64 bit Operating Installation on 32bit architectuer

     People ask me many times that "can I install a 64-bit Linux or any other Operating System in to my Virtual Machine, even though if I have a 32-bit processor on my computer".
     The answer is "NO". If you have a 32-bit processor on your computer,VMware does not provide facility to virtualize the 32-bit processor to 64-bit processor. Because all the CPU requests from Virtual Guest CPU are processed by the real CPU. So you definitely need a 64-bit processor to run a 46-bit Virtual Guest Operating System.

OS Architecture
  • You can not install a 64-bit Virtual Guest Operating System on 32-bit Host machine.

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