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Removing LV, VG and PV

In this post we will see haw to remove Logical Volume, Volume Group and Physical Volume. The order is, to remove Logical Volume first, then Volume Group and then Physical Volume.

1. To delete a Logical Volume first unmount the LV:
umount <mount_point>
2.  Then remove Logical Volume using lvremove command:
lvremove <lvname>

Removing LV, PV and VG
After removing Logical Volume now we can remove Volume group

  • To remove Volume Group use vgremove command:
           vgremove <vgremove>
Removing Logical Volume
  •  To remove Physical Volume use pvremove command:
            pvremove <pvname>

Removing Physical Volume

 Here we complete the LVM part of RHCSA and RHCE exam objective. For any questions related to Logical Volume Manager please post comments.

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