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Sample Questions for User and Group Administration

      For the preparation of RHCSA and RHCE certification exam, the most important thing is to do lots of practicals. There are no real dumps available for RHCSA/RHCE exams as these certification exams are totally hands on. In this post I will give some sample questions and their answers. These  sample exercises are based on User and Group Administration.
      In my few next posts I will post sample questions and their answers, related to User and Group Management. The questions in next few posts are like:-

  • How to create a user in RHEL 6 with unique UID?
  • How to create a group in RHEL 6?
  • How to create a user and add it to a specific group?
  • How to create a user john and assign him no interactive shell?
  • How to set password expiration for a user?
  • Request for password change, when user next login.
  • How to change password for a user?
  • How to delete a user in RHEL 6?

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