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RHEL 6 File-System

     In this post we will discuss about the file system in RHEL 6. In Linux operating system there is a pre-defined location to store different files. 

     The Linux file system can be defined as the method of storing and organizing files in a form that we can understand easily. In Linux operating system everything is a file. To manage all these files Linux have a tree like directory structure. File system is a method of storing and organizing arbitrary collection of data in a form that is human readable.

File system structure of RHEL 6:

    • / :- Root directory, which contains all other directories.
    • /bin :- Contains commands that may be used by both system administrator and by users, but which are require when no other file-systems are mounted. 
    • /boot :- This directory contains everything which required for the boot process, like kernel, GRUB, Initrd, etc.
    • /dev :- Contains device files.
    • /etc :- Contains configuration files.
    • /home :- Contains users’ home directories.
    • /lib :- Essential shared libraries and kernel modules.
    • /media :- Mount point for removable media.
    • /mnt :- Mount point for temporary mounted file-system.
    • /opt :- Contains add-on/optional packages.
    • /root :- Root user’s home directory.
    • /sbin :- Contains system binaries.
    • /tmp :- Contains temporary files.
    • /var :- Contains variable data files.
    • /proc :- Contains kernel and process information.

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