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First Look of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has improved in its looks. It looks much better than before and looks like the UBUNTU Linux. Here are some photos of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

Installation Screen
Changed Installation Screens::

Boot Screen
Can see my old LG monitor

Boot screen looks very impressive and looks likes vista, the circle effect is very impressive:
Photos are little blurry because i have taken these pictures form my cam since i am unable to take screenshot using printscreen.

RHEL 6 Login Screen

Login screen also looks very impressive:

RHEL 6 Desktop
 Desktop and My Computer view
The Desktop is quite similar to the Desktop of UBUNTU Linux....

Drives like Ubuntu

As you can see in the above photo, all other drives are automatically mounted by default, same as the UBUNTU Linux which I think is a good move by RED HAT.......

All N All it is good to see some improvement in the graphics form the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This move form Red Hat can attract some regular desktop users of other Linux Distros like Fedora and specially UBUNTU......... 

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